BadaBloom! – Italian for Cannabis.

With the premium retail cannabis industry in the United States still relatively undeveloped, many industry professionals are borrowing systems from more mature markets – like wine. The two products share a quite a few common characteristics. Both are natural commodities valued for their distinct aroma, flavors and effects. One man with Massachusetts roots is combining his family’s Italian winemaking tradition with his California cannabis experience to create artisan extract worthy of your top shelf.

Cultivating Culture

Photo Credit: BadaBloom!
Photo Credit: BadaBloom!

For Michael Marinara, growing cannabis isn’t just a business. His Italian winemaking heritage has helped him develop a respect for every aspect of the cultivation and refining process. After spending some time working profit-driven multi-state operators (MSOs), he became somewhat disillusioned with the industry, specifically how they were treating the plant. From the subpar air quality of improperly constructed facilities to flower treated with radiation until it was devoid of moisture – Michael has seen it all.

Marinara refused to stand by and watch while other producers cut corners at the expense of consumers in order to pad their own pockets. He decided to be the change that he wanted to see in the cannabis industry. With no major assets to his name, he took his own savings and some start-up capital from his ever-supportive family and started BadaBloom!.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Freshly Pressed Rosin - Photo Credit: BadaBloom!
Freshly Pressed Rosin – Photo Credit: BadaBloom!

BadaBloom! has distilled old world knowledge and applied it to modern cannabis science to create their own proprietary viniculture technique, called TanAttena. This process used to create their flagship cultivar called BadaBloom! Impact. The flower and rosins from this strain pack a flavor, bouquet and psychoactive punch worthy of even the most refined pallets of seasoned cannaisseurs. Also, be on lookout for their next genetic breakthrough, Potenza Reserva – coming soon.

Though the company operates under adult-use (recreational) licenses, Marinara fully appreciates the healing power of cannabis. His father used Michael’s infused oil to medically to reduce the symptoms of for his cancer treatments. Each batch of BadaBloom! flower, rosin and other cannabis products is made with the same level of quality that he would feel comfortable serving his own friends and family.

BadaBloom! is Coming Soon

Freshly Pressed Rosin - Photo Credit: BadaBloom!
Logo – Photo Credit: BadaBloom!

In early February of 2022, Marinara’s got one significant step closer to realizing his dream of cultivating craft cannabis. The Tyngsboro Selectmen decided to approve a host community agreement for BadaBloom!’s facility at 44 Old Tyng Rd in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. While the company currently holds licenses for cultivation and production, they hope to pursue one for delivery in the future as well.

In the meantime, you can show your support for BadaBloom! by asking for them at your favorite dispensary as well as by sporting hats, hoodies, water bottles and other sleek branded merch that can be purchased on their website.