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You’ll be hard pressed to find a cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts with a wider range of inventory than Ermont Quincy dispensary. You’ll find whole flower cannabis buds and infused products made by the cultivation team at Ermont and from top brands like Spiked and Activ8 distillate. A plentiful offering of edibles is available to browse and shop as well. You’ll even find a selection of therapeutic topicals that are infused with cannabis for direct relief.

A good portion of the shoppers at Ermont Quincy dispensary are there for the impressive lineup of beautifully grown and cured cannabis strains. Legendary strains that were once only topics of discussion in local cannabis circles, like Purple Urkle and Black Widow, can now be enjoyed without a trip to Amsterdam or California. Don’t be afraid to try tomorrow’s favorite strains like Purple Chemdawg or Banana OG as well.  You can even leave the prep work to the pros by buying your bud in prerolled joints. Ermont Quincy dispensary offers three sizes of prerolls: .35 gram ‘dog-walkers’, .5 gram, and full gram joints.

Modern marijuana consumers often gravitate toward Ermot Quincy dispensary’s inventory of concentrates. This isn’t the hand-pressed hash of the 1970’s. Today’s designer hash formulas showcase a full spectrum of distillation techniques, consumption methods, flavors and potencies. Ermont Quincy dispensary provides their loyal customers with exemptional value on these products.  Vaporizer cartridges prefilled with cannabis oil start as low as $15 for 250mgs! Specialty formulas extracts like live resin, sugar, crystals, shatter, wax, distillate, and cold press can be browsed and shopped at this Metro-Boston marijuana dispensary as well.

If your visiting Ermont Quincy dispensary to find therapeutic relief for physical ailments, you’ll be pleased to find their expansive selection of lotions, serums and tinctures. These products can be applied to problem areas for direct treatment of conditions from mild to severe. Ermont Quincy dispensary even stocks infused cosmetic products like their blemish eraser in popular 1:1 CBD:THC ratio!

Dispensaries in Massachusetts often make a name for themselves by offering their customers edible cannabis products that are as potent as they are delicious. Ermont Quincy dispensary is no exception – with offerings of infused peppermints, chocolate covered espresso beans, jarred peanut butter and more! Make sure you have non-infused munchies around to avoid over consumption.

Ermont Quincy dispensary proudly serves the communities of Quincy, Weymouth, Dorchester, Braintree, Hingham, Milton, Randolph, Rockland, Abington, Holbrook, and others throughout South Shore Massachusetts.

For even more on Ermont Quincy dispensary check out their menu, official website or Facebook page.

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You can call Ermont Quincy dispensary at (508) 296-9250.

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