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"Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensary"

Official Logo for Happy Leaf Collective's Los Angeles Dispensary - Photo Credit: Happy Leaf Collective

In order to compete in California’s crowded cannabis marketplace, dispensaries have to excel in customer service, selection and value. Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary has been doing exactly that since 2013 – with a brief hiatus due to relentless targeting by local law enforcement. When full legalization reached the Golden State in 2016, the company quickly reestablished themselves as the go-to retailor for cannabis consumers in the know.

Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary has a relatively low-profile exterior that helps it fit in with neighboring businesses on Westwood Blvd. A large sign with the brand’s logo and name in green lettering against a white background makes it easy enough to find without being ostentatious. Frosted glass storefront windows provide patrons with complete privacy while they shop.

The interior of Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary is clean and modern but not overly clinical. Upon entering the reception area, details like natural wood flooring, conceptual light fixtures, comfortable seating and an active fish tank invite you to take your time and absorb the laid-back atmosphere. When your time comes, you will be admitted to their impressive sales floor where friendly budtenders sit behind an expansive product display counter with even more inventory stacked on shelves behind them.

Informed Options

On an average day you can choose from over 50 unique strains of flower, edible products, vaporizer cartridges at Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary. Offerings from Cookies, Phire, Pacific Stone, Autumn Brands, 818 Genetics, Deli, Cream of the Crop Gardens and many other prominent California cultivators and producers are well represented on their menu and dispensary shelves.

Don’t be intimidated by the large selection at Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary. This company prides themselves on their staff’s ability to educate users of every experience level so that they can best enjoy their experience. They state on their website, “So before you take another edible because you think it’s not working, or reach straight for a concentrated cannabis product, let us teach you how you can ease into cannabis use so your first time is an enjoyable one.”

Convenient Cannabis

Making your way to Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary is simple. Go green and take public transportation. The BBB’s 8 and R12 buses stop just across the street. Those traveling by personal car enjoy access to major roads like I-405, Santa Monica Blvd (Rt 2) and I-10.

21+ customers can simply walk in Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary and shop. You can also order ahead online to save time at check-out.

For more information about Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary check back here regularly. You can also visit their website.

Before You Go

Dispensary Genie strives to provide our readers with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please contact the dispensary directly by calling or emailing them if you have any questions.

You can reach the friendly staff at The Flower Shop’s Mesa dispensary by calling (310) 475-2500.

Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary is located in Los Angeles County and proudly serves the communities of Burbank, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Malibu, Inglewood, Glendale, Culver City, Beverly Hills and more.

Visit Happy Leaf Collective’s Los Angeles dispensary

2131 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025


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