INSA Easthampton, Massachusetts Dispensary

Craft Marijuana in Massachusetts

At INSA’s Easthampton, Massachusetts dispensary, both medical patients and recreational customers will enjoy a wide selection of whole flower bud and infused products with honest pricing and expert advice. The name INSA comes from the combination of the words Indica and Sativa. You’ll find plenty of both at their Easthampton marijuana dispensary as well as an array of hybrids available in flower, concentrations, edibles and more.

You can check out the variety of quality marijuana and cannabis infused products for yourself on the medical dispensary menu here and on the recreational dispensary menu here for INSA’s Easthampton, Massachusetts dispensary. If you dabble in concentrates, you’ll appreciate the selection of wax, crumble, shatter, vape pens, and live sugar and batter. If you’re more of an edible enthusiast, you’ll gravitate toward their infused gummies, hard candies, capsules, tincture and beverage mixes. Innovative products like THC patches, bath blossoms (bath bombs), and facial oils allow give you even more options to browse and test out. Seasoned marijuana smokers will be pleased to find half a dozen craft whole bud flowers in strains like Jack x, Cinderella 99 and Blue Widow.

INSA Easthampton prides themselves on their customer service. They’ve brought buying pot into the 21st century by accepting debit cards and payments through CanPay, a digital wallet app specifically designed for cannabis. Of course, traditional cash is accepted as well. Their interactive menu can be used to place an order for same-day pick-up. They also offer a wealth of educational and insightful content about cannabis on their website, Instagram account, and Facebook page.

About INSA:

INSA specializes in every step of the cannabis process, from sourcing to growing, to creating and dispensing meticulously crafted cannabis products to suit their customers’ diverse needs.

The result is a cannabis experience that’s trustworthy and effective, personal and handcrafted.

INSA was founded on the simple belief that patients in the Easthampton community deserve better. They deserve better medical cannabis products and better access to cannabis. In Massachusetts, we have witnessed firsthand the destruction opioids have caused in our community. INSA believes cannabis is a better, safer option that should be accessible to patients and consumers alike. INSA’s goal is to eliminate the stigma of cannabis by educating people about the medical benefits and using a research-based approach to product development in order to create personalized, premium products. To this end, INSA has developed a state-of-the-art cultivation center and lab, sourced genetics with rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles, hired talented professionals, all in order to craft a unique and top-notch marijuana dispensary experience for the people in the communities in which they operate.

INSA’s Easthampton, Massachusetts dispensary serves the communities of Easthampton, Southhampton, Westhampton, Hadley, Northhampton and throughout Western, Massachusetts.

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