The Genie’s Best Boston Dispensaries

Boston, Massachusetts has quickly become the hub of cannabis on the East Coast. We’ve put together our favorite places to shop in The Genie’s Best Boston Dispensaries.

Boston, Massachusetts is known for the Boston Tea Party, quality colleges, sports championships, and most recently: cannabis businesses. Since the first Freedom Rally in 1989, the city has held a steady pace of advocacy and policy initiatives for everyone’s favorite plant. In 2006 voters decided to decriminalize small possession and eventually Massachusetts the legalized sale and purchase all together in 2016. Today, dispensaries are popping up on, seemingly, every corner throughout Boston proper and Greater Boston. We’ve put together The Genie’s Best Boston Dispensaries so you can begin enjoying all that this budding industry has to offer.

A note from The Genie: All dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please call ahead for daily product availability and customer eligibility before planning a trip — tell them the Genie sent you!

Mayflower Medicinals in Allston

The main counter atMayflower Medicinals Allston marijunana dispensary
Main Counter at Mayflower Medicinals Allston Dispensary – Credit: Mayflower Medicinals

Allston has always been a strong hold of counterculture for Boston. This tradition is continued through the operation of Mayflower Medicinals’ Allston dispensary. They stay true to the area’s culture by featuring convenient bike racks, intelligent technology integration and friendly service. You can browse the menu on interactive flat screens or walk up to their inventive wave shaped counter for personal suggestions. Unlike some other Massachusetts dispensaries, the bud tenders at Mayflower are happy to let you observe samples up close and even take a good whiff.

Mayflower Medicinals’ Allston dispensary inventory of flower includes all of the Bay State’s favorite buds like Kimbo Kush, Night Terror OG and White Knuckles, which all gained popularity in the early days of Massachusetts’ medical marijuana program. Flower is fairly priced, and you can save a few dollars when purchasing larger quantities.

If you’re looking for something different, check out their infused sugar in both cane and maple varieties. A teaspoon of these products can pack as much as 20 mgs of THC to be discreetly enjoyed in a hot coffee, cold sweet tea or any other application you can think of. Those with especially high tolerances might want to try their whole plant extract. One oral syringe of this concentrate contains 550 mgs of THC for oral consumption.

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Phone: (508) 356-6600

Address: 230 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134

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New England Treatment Association (NETA) in Brookline

Interior of NETA Brookline Marijuana Dispensary - Credit: Nadeau Corporation
Interior of NETA Brookline Marijuana Dispensary – Credit: Nadeau Corporation

NETA’s Brookline dispensary could be the most visually stunning dispensary in Massachusetts and the North East. They’ve renovated the historic Brookline Bank building while tastefully maintaining much of the existing architecture and furnishings including elegant long windows, finished wood shelving and a heavy duty safe in which they store product. With comfortable waiting areas, you might take more time absorbing the atmosphere than dissecting their menu.

Highlights of their inventory include a THC inhaler (think L-shaped device used during gym class) that allows for especially discreet consumption. They feature their own line of RemPen vape carts in over a dozen varieties as well as a concise selection of Rubi distillate pods for use with the Rubi vaporizer. Their chocolates are some of the strongest you’ll find in the state with bars and smaller nuggets that feature upwards of 100mgs THC per unit.

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Phone: (617) 841-7250

Address: 160 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

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Patriot Care in Boston

Sales Area at Patriot Care Boston dispensary - Credit: Patriot Care
Sales Area at Patriot Care Boston dispensary – Credit: Patriot Care

One of the best things about Patriot Care’s Boston dispensary is its Milk St. location in the heart of the city’s financial district. Qualified customers who work in the area as well as visitors in town for the New England Aquarium or the Green Way love the ability to walk in and get the raw, infused and concentrated cannabis products they want. They make the cannabis buying experience fun by letting customers spin a wheel for in-store discounts and prizes.

The flower selection at Patriot Care’s Boston dispensary features over half a dozen strains unique to their operation like Ying Yang, Black Banana and Sherb Face. They specify strains by phenotype and make educated guesses at the percentages of Indica and Sativa lineages in hybrid varieties.

Their edibles are some of the best priced and most potent in the game. You can take home a 110mg for the price many other dispensaries charge for products of half that strength.

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Phone: (617) 500-1375

Address: 21 Milk St, Boston, Massachusetts 02109

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Garden Remedies in Newton

Counter at Garden Remedies Newton Dispensary - Credit: Garden Remedies
Counter at Garden Remedies Newton Dispensary – Credit: Garden Remedies

Since 2013, Garden Remedies’ Newton dispensary has been the go-to spot for cannabis for residents of  Metro-West Boston and commuters who use the Mass Pike. Their inventory of raw cannabis flower, concentrated distillate oil vape cartridges, edible and topical products are made with locally sourced cannabis from Central Massachusetts.

On an average day, nearly a dozen strains of whole bud flower varieties are on the menu.  The more you buy, the more your save. Strains like Chem 4, Deadhead OG and Skywalker OG come in 8th ounce quantities and can be mixed and matched to reach ¼ , ½ and full ounce price breaks. Hefty full-gram pre-rolls provide a great way to sample new strains without as much financial commitment.

Garden Remedies’ Newton dispensary makes buying cannabis convenient by accepting debit cards, providing an atm and featuring an online system for patients to order ahead.

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Phone: (617) 235-7215

Address: 697 Washington St. Newton, MA 02458

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Sira Naturals in Cambridge

Sales Area at Sira Naturals Cambridge Dispensary - Credit Zak F (Google User)
Sales Area at Sira Naturals Cambridge Dispensary – Credit Zak F (Google User)

You don’t have to travel across the country to get a California style cannabis buying experience. Sira Naturals’ Cambridge dispensary brings top industry practices right here to Massachusetts. Products are temperature controlled and labeled with the date they were packed to ensure freshness. Their open floor shopping area with glass displays throughout, allows you to browse as you wait to reach the counter.

Many of Sira Natural’s Cambridge dispensary’s regular customers return for their specials and deals. Senior citizens (age 65 and up) and those going through financial hardships get 10% off their purchase. Veterans get a regular 20% discount as well. Their new customer program provides significant savings on your first 4 visits – starting with $20 off and increasing by increments of $10 each visit to $50 off on your fourth. Concentrated products feature a ‘price-break’ system based on quantity and the price per gram of flower decreases with higher weights as well.

Sira Naturals embodies New England values with fast service, high quality product and a Dunkin Donuts right next door.

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Phone: (833) 444-7243  

Address: 1001 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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Revolutionary Clinics in Somerville

Display at Revolutionary Clinics Somerville dispensary - Credit: Revolutionary Clinics
Display at Revolutionary Clinics Somerville dispensary – Credit: Revolutionary Clinics

With just one visit to Revolutionary Clinics in Somerville you’ll understand why their one of the fastest growing cannabis retailers in Massachusetts and were received the Best Medical Dispensary award at Boston’s 5th New England Cannabis Convention in 2019. The RevClinics experience starts with something particularly rare in the Metro-Boston area: ample free parking. Once inside you can relax in their comfortable lounge and leisurely browse their raw, infused and concentrated cannabis products.

Revolutionary Clinics’ Somerville dispensary is part of their vertically integrated system. They control their flower and other cannabis products from seed to sale starting with expert grow techniques in their nearby Framingham cultivation facility. Plants are diligently maintained with nutrients and pruning to allow for maximum potency and flavor. Expert trimming is evident from looking at the their buds using their in-store sample jars with built in magnifying glasses.

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Phone: (617) 213-6006

Address: 67 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

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Ermont in Quincy

Counter at Ermont Quincy Dispensary
Counter at Ermont Quincy Dispensary – Credit: Ermont

Some of the most unique strains and freshest cannabis to be had in Boston is actually located in the town’s sister city: Quincy.

Ermont’s Quincy dispensary is best known for their wide variety of garden-fresh flower varieties like legendary Cannatonic, Massachusetts favorite White Knuckles and up and coming Poet’s Walk. On site cultivation creates a fragrant experience for visitors and ensures the peak freshness of your purchases. Ermont’s tier-based pricing system categorizes bud into three distinct price points (Silver, Gold and Platinum). While silver and gold strains are nothing to turn your nose up to, platinum varieties truly embody the characteristics of world class cannabis – from their appearance and consistency to their flavor and effects.

Other notable offerings of Ermont’s Quincy dispensary include their own Slate brand line of CBD and THC infused topical creams, over 20 kinds of disposable vape carts, bulk (distillate) refills and THC crystals. Edible staples like fruit chews (gummies), cookies and brownies are available as well.

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Phone: (617) 804-2701

Address: 216 Ricciuti Drive, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

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