The Genie’s Best Weed Strains to Help You Relax

Do you use cannabis to chill out? We put together a list of favorite varieties to unwind with in The Genie’s Best Weed Strains to Help You Relax.

Browsing the flower section of modern dispensary menus can leave both those who’ve been using cannabis for years and newcomers to the plant scratching their head wondering which variety will produce the effect they’re searching for. A large portion of user’s smoke, vaporizer or otherwise consume cannabis to unwind after a long day, ease physical pain and promote quality sleep. Strains that deliver these qualities generally fall into pure Indica or Indica leaning hybrid designations – opposed to pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrids. Indicas often contains higher levels of CBD which is thought to create a more body-centered buzz and counteracts the rush mental energy associated with high levels of THC.

Of course, modern cannabis genetics have evolved far beyond pure Indica and Sativa varieties. Specific cannabinoid and terpene composition are at the heart of any flower’s therapeutic profile. All aside, if you’re looking to relax with cannabis, we think gravitating towards Indica strains is still a good rule of thumb. We’ve put together The Genie’s Best Weed Strains to Help You Relax to highlight some of our favorites and assist you in your search as well.

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The Genie’s Best Weed Strains to Relax



This Indica strain has been touted for its sleep inducing and pain dulling effects since it hit the scene it the mid 1970’s. Its name simply refers to the region of the world it is believed to have first come from. Today, Afghani and other strains crossed with it, are cultivated for dispensaries throughout the United States. If your going to sample this strain, be sure you’re close to a bed or comfortable couch. Afghani’s strong sedative effects make it one of the more commonly recommended strains for those suffering from insomnia.


Another classic strain for relaxation is G-13. The exact lineage of this Indica-heavy variety is unknown. Urban legend suggests the strain is the result of a secret government project in the 1960s. Of course, this could have just been a clever marketing ploy by seed companies and growers. One thing is for sure, a few puffs of G-13 can melt away the stress of a long day with its euphoric onset and lasting tranquility

Hash Plant

The original Hash Plant strain came from the modern world’s first legal cannabis market, Holland. Once it reached The States sometime in the 1980’s it was bred with Northern Lights and used mostly as a building block for crossbreeding other popular varieties of that time. In 1999 the legendary company Sensi Seeds began marketing the strain itself. The pungent spicy aroma given off by Hash Plant continues to make it a head turner today. It’s modest top THC content of 13% help this 90% Indica deliver an evening unencumbered by racing thoughts.

High CBD


Even though the name stems from the unsettling character from Steven King’s IT, you have nothing to fear from this cannabis variety. At an even 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, Pennywise provides the therapeutic effects of CBD with a noticeable THC glow.


The CBD dominant strain, ACDC will leave your pain, anxiety and restlessness ‘Thunderstruck’. This hybrid features a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio.  The small amount of THC helps to intensify the effects of the CBD but is too low produce noticeable intoxication in most users.


If you enjoy the effects of a 1:1 CBD to THC strain, but are looking for more flavor, Canna-Tsu may be a perfect fit. This hybrid features sweet and musky tastes and smells that you’ll soon associate with hitting the sack.

Cutting Edge Hybrids

Platinum OG

Mostly from Kush lineage, this Indica-dominant hybrid lulls users into deep physical and mental relaxation. Buds from this plant are thick, chunky and sticky to the touch. Red hairs and THC trichomes glisten in the light – giving this strain it’s precious metal influenced name. Many report especially long lasting effects after smoking or vaporizing Platinum OG – so clear your calendar.

Mendo Breath

Growers of in the Emerald Triangle don’t attach their county name to just any strain. This is certainly the case for the Indica-dominant hybrid Mendo Breath, named for Northern California’s Mendocino County. Its high potency and heavy sedation have made it a staple of the West Coast’s medical scene for years. Slowly but surely, dispensaries on the East Coast are beginning to offer this therapeutic flower to their customers. The caramel and vanilla smell can make overindulgence  tempting but proceed with caution. Even growers and other seasoned cannabis smokers save this strain for bedtime.

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