The Genie’s Best Weed Strains to Inspire Creativity

With so many options available, how do you find the right variety of cannabis to boost your mental productivity? We’ve put together The Genie’s Best Weed Strains to Inspire Creativity, so you smash your writer’s block or take on any other task that requires innovation.

Cannabis has been fueling the imaginations of its users for as long as humans have smoked, ingested and otherwise enjoyed the plant. Anyone who’s tried it can attest to having their perspective shifted after consumption. This simple quality is often all it takes for famous jazz musicians, acclaimed artists, respected astronomers, influential inventors many others over the course of history and in modern times to step out of the patterns of thinking they’ve become stuck in and make the breakthrough they’ve been striving towards.

Today, many of us are fortunate enough to live in areas that have legalized cannabis and can buy an assortment of well-labeled varieties from trustworthy businesses. This is a huge step up from the mystery bags we used to get in parking lots and concert venues. But with so many options available, how do you find the right variety to boost your mental productivity? Strains that produce such effects often fall into pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrid categories – as opposed to body-centric pure Indica or Indica heavy hybrids. We’ve put together The Genie’s Best Weed Strains to Inspire Creativity, so you smash your writer’s block or take on any other task that requires innovation.

While the precise level of cannabinoids and terpenes within a given strain and your unique physiology play important roles in the effects you’ll experience, we still feel gravitating toward Sativa-based strains is a good rule of thumb for those looking to expand their minds. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite varieties for generating new ideas and gaining valuable perspective.

Woman Painting for Strains for Creativity

The Classics

Jack Herer

The strain named for the legendary cannabis activist and author is sure to have assisted him in his creative endeavors more than a few times. This Sativa dominant hybrid has received more Cannabis Cups than another other strain is the awards history. As a 55% Sativa-dominant hybrid, Jack Herer is a good place to start for those seeking mental stimulation but fear paranoia.


Trainwreck was one of the first balanced hybrids to hit the scene. The name provides users with a great description of what to expect after smoking or vaporizing it. First, your thoughts speed up like a locomotive due to the Thai and Mexican Sativa lineage. Then, you peacefully crash into a blissful sleep that’s characteristic of its Indica parent, Afghani. Don’t let the name fool you – it’s quite a pleasant trip.


The original Haze (not to be confused with OG Haze) is as pure a Sativa as they come. Long flowering cycles lead growers to stay away from this variety during the time of prohibition.  Today, legal cultivators pump out talk stalks of the sweet tasting and high energy delivering California classic. Many users refer to Haze as a daytime strain for its ability to stimulate conversation and other mental activity. Avoid smoking this one just before bed or you might be kept awake by your own thoughts.

The Latest Genetics

Golden Goat

Golden Goat is a true American success story. It was created by a chance accident in a Kansas grow room, when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated an Island Sweet Skunk plant. Brightened visuals and enhanced auditory sensations make this strain great for musicians and artists. It also features 1% CBD to provide some mental clarity.

Pineapple Express

Yes, the strain from the popular Seth Rogan comedy movie really exists – and after smoking some you might want to grab a typewriter and start punching away at a screenplay of your own. Pineapple Express features many of the qualities that make its parent Trainwreck a useful Sativa dominant hybrid like high energy with an easy come down and combined them with the tropical flavors and relaxing vibe of its other Hawaiian. Consistent effects and desirable taste make this a go-to strain.


Tangie is a Sativa-dominant strain that that comes to us from Amsterdam. The first thing you’ll notice when handling it is its distinct citrus smell and flavor. The next thing you’ll notice is the swift boost of mental energy it delivers. It is best to take this strain ‘low and slow’ as many report the effect to creep up on you.

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