The Genie’s Best CBD Gummy Gift Guide

CBD gummies are becoming an increasingly popular gift for birthdays, holidays and just because. We’ve compiled The Genie’s Best CBD Gummy Gift Guide to help you find the best products to give to both first-timers and those who’ve already made CBD products a part of their routine.

It’s easy to get lost in jargon, mislabeling and unsubstantiated claims when searching for CBD gummies online – or anywhere else for that matter. Explosive demand coupled with loose FDA regulation have created an environment where buying quality CBD gummies, in many instances, is more difficult than procuring the intoxicating substance (cannabis) that CBD products are so often and incorrectly associated with. What’s even more troubling, products that claim to be CBD gummies sometimes substitute untested chemicals for real CBD. These products are not just ineffective – but dangerous as well.

So how do you go about buying the best CBD gummies to take yourself and give as presents to people you care about? We’ve complied the most trusted producers and retailers here, in ‘The Genie’s Best CBD Gummy Gift Guide’.

A Note from the Genie: We do not have any affiliation with the following brands or products. We do not make any affiliate profits off of the products mentioned in this article. We also make no claims as to the benefits or risks of taking and using CBD products. If we ever do make money from an affiliate link, we will clearly state that in the article. At the moment, all product reviews are simply our opinion. Please check your local laws in regard to the purchase and delivery of CBD products both in-person and via the web.

Lord Jones – Old Fashioned CBD Gum Drops

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops - Credit: Lord Jones
Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops – Credit: Lord Jones

This product is definitely on the high-end of CBD gummy products. The Lord Jones brand has built a reputation for quality and consistently dosed broad-spectrum CBD edibles. People who rely on CBD for its therapeutic effects as well as those looking to give the substance a try will find the presentation and flavor of this product inviting. Even the box, which looks like it should contain fine chocolate or even jewelry entices. The efficiency and appearance of this product make it a wonderful gift for CBD aficionados and first-timers alike.

Starting Price: $45
Online Store

Green Roads – Relax Bears, Relief Toads and CBD Froggies

Green Roads Relief Toads - Credit: Green Roads
Green Roads Relief Toads – Credit: Green Roads

Relax Bears by Green roads contain 10mg of C02 extracted, lab certified CBD. The discreet white bottle looks like something you’d find in your medicine cabinet. Ingredients, instructions, and strength are clearly labeled. Green Roads also offers a variety of potencies and other animal shapes like ‘terp toads’ and ‘relief froggies’ range from 10 – 50 mgs of CBD per gummy. CBD gummies from Green Roads make a great gift because you can buy ‘on the go’ packs with as few as one gummy per package – allowing first timers to give CBD a try without making a major financial commitment.

Starting Price: $4.99
Online Store

Hemp Bombs – CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies - Credit: Pure CBD Vapors
Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies – Credit: Pure CBD Vapors

Hemp Bombs line of CBD gummies a perfect gift for the person in your life who already has made CBD part of their routine. Their gummies come in bottles of 60 and pack a whopping 25mgs per bear. They also contain tea leaf and passion-flower extract to work synergistically with the CBD to further promote relaxation and restfulness. Their CBD is European sourced, which some argue is upheld to more rigorous standards than in the States. They test internally and by third party sources to ensure quality and 0% THC.

Starting Price: $14.99
Online Store

Not Pot – Vegan CBD Gummy Polar Bears

Not Pot CBD Polar Bears - Credit: Not Pot
Not Pot CBD Polar Bears – Credit: Not Pot

Not Pot does an excellent job of marketing their Vegan CBD Gummy Polar Bears. Their official website and packaging use visually impressive counterculture inspired typefaces and bumper sticker style icons. Unlike many other CBD retailors, Not Pot takes responsibility for their product by offering straight forward online educational resources and specifically stating, “Hemp is a great addition to your wellness routine but isn’t a quick fix for all life’s problems.”

Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummy Polar Bears are a great gift for the politically conscious CBD consumer. Because issues of cannabis and CBD/hemp are closely intertwined in the United States, Not Pot makes efforts to educate their customers about the disparity of marijuana arrest rates based on race. They put their money where their mouth is by supporting the Bail Project which pays the bail of low-income arrestees who cannot afford to do so on their own. Not Pot can also be the gift that keeps giving, with subscriptions options available for regular delivery.

Starting Price: $39.99
Online Store

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