The Genie’s Best Vape Pen Gift Guide

Vape Pens are quickly becoming the consumption method of choice for modern cannabis users. The Genie’s Best Vape Pen Gift Guide helps you to find the right device for the most important cannabis users in your life.

Far from Your Folk’s Stash

Cannabis has come a long way since the days when our parents were rolling up ounces of shaky leaves and baking entire trays of brownies just to get a tangible buzz. While smoking and eating cannabis is still popular (and much more effective due to drastic increases in potency), vaporizing has become the preferred consumption method of many modern marijuana users. Even though the name ‘vaporizer’ sounds like it could be a space-age weapon, it is actually a product saving way to consume cannabis – allowing for smaller amounts of product to be consumed to achieve the desired effects and vape pens also reduce the temperature at which the substance enters your lungs.

Early Vaporizers

In the past, vaporizer users were tethered to AC outlets with traditional tabletop models that looked like snow-globes and automatic pencil sharpeners. Some of the first portable vaporizers even required users to carry around pockets full of rechargeable AA batteries. Fortunately, advances in both electronic and cannabis technology has given way to the new standard for cannabis consumption: vape pens. Modern hash concentrations like wax, distillate and shatter can be consumed in such small quantities that they easily fit into sleek pen sized devices. Just like your i-phone, each generation of vape pen battery lasts longer and longer and requires less and less charging time. Many models can last for a week or more with moderate use.

Vape Pens of Today

As novelty gives way to functionality, vape pens are popping up on the wish lists of both seasoned and new cannabis users – leaving their friends and family scratching their heads trying to find the appropriate vape pen to give as a gift for either themselves or someone else. Vape pens can be disposable, reusable, compatible with 510 threaded cartridges, designed for dry herb (flower), specialized for dabbing and much more. Heating elements, battery life, charging capabilities and extras vary greatly as well. We’ve saved you the research by creating The Genie’s Best Vape Pen Gift guide.

A Note from The Genie: We have not received any compensation from brands mentioned in this article. As of now, all opinions are strictly our own and unbiased. In the future, if we ever receive money from professional entities, we will explicitly state so. This article is intended only for adults of legal age to consume cannabis in localities where such activities are permitted by law. In no way does this article suggest breaking any laws. Make sure you check your local laws before purchasing any of these products online or in person.

The Genie’s Best Vape Pen Gift Guide

G-Pen Nova Vaporizer by Grenco Science

G-Pen Nova Vaporizer by Grenco Science - Credit: Discount Vape Pen
G-Pen Nova Vaporizer by Grenco Science – Credit: Discount Vape Pen

Versatility and discretion are at the heart of the G-Pen Nova’s design. The black cylindrical device bears close resemblance to a traditional e-cigarette, allowing for stress-free consumption in a variety of on-the-go situations. The G-Pen Nova is compatible with 510 threaded tanks and features a quartz bowl with a ceramic heating element.  This means you can enjoy disposable vape carts, raw ground flower, wax and other concentrates with this pocket-sized tool.

Another added convenience is that the G-Pen Nova is charged using via micro USB cord. You can easily find these at gas stations, electronic stores and elsewhere if you don’t already have a few floating around. The reasonable price tag makes this a great unit to give as a gift to someone new to cannabis or vaporizing.

Average Price: $34.95
Online Store

Linx Ares Honey Straw by Linx Vapor

Linx Ares Honey Straw by Linx Vapor - Credit: Linx Vapor
Linx Ares Honey Straw by Linx Vapor – Credit: Linx Vapor

The Linx Ares Honey Straw takes a new approach to vaporization by combining the functionality of a nectar collector with the portability and style of a vape pen. Instead of loading concentrates or flower into the device you touch the device to your stash of shatter or wax while inhaling (much like a straw). This technique eliminates waste associated with disposable vape cartridges and reclaim (residue) associated with traditional vape pens.

Medical grade stainless steel construction as well as interchangeable batteries, ceramic rod atomizers and glass mouthpieces make the Linx Ares Honey Straw an impressive gift that will be treasured for years to come. Just make sure the person your giving it to prefers wax, shatter and other concentrates as this device does not vaporizer flower or work with 510 threaded vape carts.

Average Price: 109.95
Online Store

Special K by KandyPens

Special K by KandyPens - Credit: Shop MVG
Special K by KandyPens – Credit: Shop MVG

KandyPens delivers an elegant take on the classic vape pen with Special K. This model is discreet enough to leave on your desk. Gold detailing on a black body make this vape pen looks like a high-end writing instrument at first glance. Both ends have removable caps. One end protects the mouthpiece while the other protects the tank. These caps also contribute to Special K’s low-profile appearance. Special K comes with two empty tanks to be filled with your own concentrates or you can simple screw in your favorite disposable 510 vape cart.

The Special K comes in a protective carrying case and delivers quality presentation with an insert that tastefully lays out the included components. The battery is covered by a lifetime warranty. The functionality and appearance of this package make it a nice gift for the vape cart or distillate enthusiast in your life.

Average Price: $79.95
Online Store

PAX 3 by PAX

PAX 3 by PAX - Credit: Vapor Nation
PAX 3 by PAX – Credit: Vapor Nation

No list of vape pens is complete without mentioning the San Francisco vaporization powerhouse: PAX. Though the PAX 3 is more of a traditional vaporizer than a vape pen, it still performs all the functions of both and is usually regarded as the top of the line in either category. Ground flower and raw concentrates can be enjoyed on a whim. The PAX vaporizer heats up in just 15 seconds. The PAX brand is so prominent, it takes its own brand of PAX Pods instead of 510 vape carts. Don’t worry, you can find Pods at nearly every dispensary in the USA.

The PAX 3 is an impressive gift with its thoughtful design of electronic lights, vibration indicators and stylish colors. You can choose from silver, black, pink or blue to match the personality of your gift’s recipient. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to further customize the device from your phone using the PAX mobile app.

Average Price: $250
Online Store

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