Mayflower Medicinals Allston Marijuana Dispensary

"Mission: to nurture others by producing the finest cannabis products from Earth's favorite flower."

Local residents, college students, and busy professionals appreciate the selection, quality, and convenience offered by Mayflower Medicinal Allston marijuana dispensary. Whether you choose to shop in-store or from the convenience of your home, you’ll have access to Mayflower’s extensive menu of high-grade cannabis, concentrates, and infused products. That’s because Mayflower Medicinal is one of the few Boston dispensaries that can legally deliver to patients in select areas.

You’ll understand where the ‘flower’ in Mayflower Medicinals Allston marijuana dispensary’s name comes from when you bear witness the extensive range of world-class whole bud flower they stock their shelves with. On an average day’s menu, you’ll find over a dozen strains of indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. Anyone who has been unpleasantly surprised by the cannabinoid profiles of their hybrids will appreciate Mayflower Medicinals’ effort to label hybrids as either sativa or indica dominant. Legendary and potent strains like Blue Dream as well as emerging favorites like Lightsaber can be purchased by the eighth, quarter, half, and full ounce. King sized (I gram) and mini preroll joints are also available to those who prefer not to ‘roll their own’.

Perhaps one of the most popular products available to customers of Mayflower Medicinals Allston marijuana dispensary are disposable vaporizer cartridges (or vape carts). Premium distillate, flavored distillate, and refined CO2 cannabis oil are featured in half-gram cartridges. Over fifteen strains or flavors can be chosen from in a variety of THC and CBD potencies and ratios. You can even buy distillate by the gram to fill a vaporizer of your choice. More exotic concentrates like live sugar, whole plant extract, THCA crystals, and live resin are available as well.

Many of the return customers at Mayflower Medicinals Allston marijuana dispensary come for the specialty products you just can’t find at every cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts. Unique edibles like infused drink syrup (drank sizzurp) is a bargain at just $25 per 4oz bottle and packs a whopping 80mgs of THC. They also stock infused local honey in THC-only, CBD-only, and 1:1 THC to CBD formulas. Infused sugar (different from the concentrate live sugar) is available as well. This product can be discreetly added to hot beverages or used in baking. Potent topicals using coconut yuzu are another line of products satisfied clients rave about. These salves allow you to locally treat pain, skin conditions, and more.

The next time you want some quality flower, concentrate, edibles, or other specialty cannabis products, try out Mayflower Medicinals Allston marijuana dispensary. Their diverse inventory is sure to have something for everyone who enjoys marijuana.

Proudly serving the Metro-Boston Massachusetts communities of: Brighton, Brookline, Newton, Watertown, Cambridge, Somerville, Roxbury, Dorchester, Brook Farm, Roslindale, Medford, South Boston, Malden, Chelsea, and Revere.

Located just a short public transit trip or rideshare from colleges like: Harvard University, Boston University, Boston College, MassArt, Wentworth, Smith College, North Eastern University, MIT, and many more.

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