Summit Medical Compassion Center Warwick Dispensary

"We at Summit are dedicated to providing patients with a welcoming, safe and professional Compassion Center that is reliable and a trusted provider of top-quality medical marijuana and related services."

With a sparkling track record of online customer reviews and major industry coverage from publications like High Times, Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary is perhaps the most celebrated cannabis retailer in the State. The non-descript exterior is easy to spot when navigating from major route 1 , 113, and 117. They also provide ample parking. Their interior is much like a Colorado or California dispensary, with simple and tasteful furnishings that draw focus to the quality and selection of their inventory.

The flower at Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary has a three-tier pricing system based on the quality. The top tier is #1. Legendary strains like Afghoo, Mimosa and Purple Chem fall under this designation. You can expect tier 1 strains to be exceptionally potent, perfectly cured and distinctively aromatic. Many return customers stick to tier 2 product that delivers both quality and value. According to many reviews, you can’t go wrong with their tier 2 Skywalker. Justin C. writes of this strain on Yelp, attesting, “This is the best they have hands down.” The best deals are to be had in the third tier – with grams for under $10 and half ounces (14 grams) unbeatably marked at approximately $100. This isn’t shake or trim either. Every tier of flower at Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary is whole bud. You can even get further discounted flower and save yourself some preparation time by purchasing it in prerolled joints.

In addition to their raw cannabis, you can also find a host of smoke-free cannabis products on the shelves of Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary. They have a concise selection of prefilled vaporizer cartridges in both half and full gram sizes that range from high THC to pure CBD compositions. You can even get all the hardware you need with their Vape Pen Kit that includes battery and charger for under $10.

Concentrates are also a main attraction at Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary. Classic Kief crystals and bubble hash (ice hash) are a pleasant way to spice up bowls and joints or can be consumed in their pure form. Modern hash formulas like Ice Rosin and C02 pack an even more potent punch.

Edibles and sublinguals are also popular options for patients who prefer not to inhale their medicine. Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary has an extensive variety of sweet treats that range from classic brownies and cookies to todays favorites like liquid shooters and gummies. Discreet dosing can be achieved with sublingual sprays and tinctures.  You can even get your cannabinoids topically with transdermal patches. infused body creams and sprays.

Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary also offers discounts to qualified veteran, senior, military and low-income patients.

For more information about Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary, visit their official website, Twitter or Facebook. You can also browse their online menu.

Dispensary Genie strives to provide our readers with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please call ahead for daily product availability and customer eligibility before planning a trip.

You can reach Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary by calling (401) 889-3990.

At this time, in Rhode Island, marijuana can only be sold to medical card holding patients. For more information about how to obtain a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island, please visit The Department of Health’s official medical marijuana website. If you have specific questions for the state regarding cannabis, call (401)-222-5860 or  email them on their contact page .

Summit Medical Compassion Center’s Warwick dispensary is located in Kent County and proudly served the Rhode Island communities of Hillsgrove, Apponaug, Cowesett, Potowomut, West Warwick, Lippitt, Cranston, East Greenwich and more.

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