Sunnyside’s Wintersville Dispensary

"Elevating everyday cannabis."

Sunnyside’s Winterville dispensary creates a premier marijuana buying experience for their customers by providing the state’s finest whole bud flower, concentrates and infused products with industry-leading value and selection. Sunnyside’s 50,000 square foot grow facility in Yellow Springs supplies many of Ohio’s other dispensaries with their full spectrum of marijuana product lines that are produced on site. When you shop Sunnyside’s Wintersville dispensary, you have direct access brands like Cresco, Mindy’s Edibles, Reserve and Remedi – straight from their source!

Dry herb vaporizer users will have much to consider when browsing Sunnyside’s extensive offering of whole flower bud in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. The shelves of Sunnyside’s Wintersville dispensary feature legendary strains like Cornbread, Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4), and Cannabis Cup award winning Granddaddy Purple. You’ll also be introduced to tomorrow’s favorites like Clementine, Alien Dutchess and Honey Boo. Sunnyside even offers Kosher cannabis strain options for marijuana consumers of the Jewish faith. If you prefer to leave the prep work to the pros, Sunnyside also offers their flower in preroll joints. Sunnyside promises that, unlike less reputable Ohio dispensaries, their prerolls are “Made with classic flower, not shake.”

Browsing Sunnyside’s Winterville dispensary’s selection of edibles can make even traveled marijuana aficionados feel like a kid in a candy shop. Sunnyside produces artisanal cannabis edibles under their Mindy’s Edibles brand. These products are as potent as they are delicious – so make sure you have snacks that aren’t dosed on hand! Their line of 50mg chocolate bars are available in flavors like Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee and White Chocolate Raspberry Cream. Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle cookies infused with 25mgs of THC are another favorite of customers who shop Sunnyside’s Wintersville dispensary. Strawberry Banana, Mango, Cherry and Lemon Lime fruit chews are available in both 10mg and 25mg strengths. Hard sweets feature various cannabinoid profiles and CBD:THC ratios in Strawberry, Key Lime, Peach Apricot and Vanilla Butterscotch flavors as well.

Legal cannabis in Ohio means access to quality concentrates. Sunnyside’s Wintersville dispensary, serves up some of the best in Jefferson County – and the entire state. There isn’t just one way to dab anymore. You can choose from world class hash formulas like live sugar, live sauce, live budder, shatter and wax that feature various consistencies and cannabinoid profiles. An approachable staff member at Sunnyside is always available to provide specific information about dosing, directions, or simply how to store your marijuana products.

If your legal stash of marijuana is running low and you’re in Eastern Ohio be sure to stop in Sunnyside’s Wintersville dispensary. Access to top brands from the producers themselves make visiting this dispensary worthy of a road trip as well.

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Proudly serving the Ohio communities of Steubenville, New Alexandria, Belvedere, Bloomingdale, Piney Fork, Smithfield, Dunglen, Dillonvale, Mt. Pleasant, and Glen Robbins.

At Dispensary Genie, we strive to provide you with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please call ahead for daily product availability and customer eligibility before planning a trip.

You can reach Sunnyside’s Wintersville dispensary, by calling (740) 617-8649.

At this time, in Ohio, marijuana can only be sold to medical card holding residents. For more information about how to obtain a medical marijuana card in Ohio, please visit the official State Medical Board of Ohio website. If you have specific questions you can call Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program Hotline at (1-833-464-6627).

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