Solid Waste Issues in Cannabis Seminar

April 7th: Solid Waste Issues in Cannabis Seminar – Solutions for Maine and Beyond

Solid Waste Seminar
Solid Waste Issues in Cannabis Seminar – Credit: Enlighten Your Grow

In 2020, the cannabis industry is estimated to have created 650 million pounds of waste nationwide, and this astonishing figure is expected to grow by 50% over the coming years. If you are actively in the cannabis business, you probably have a gnawing sense of the industry’s solid waste problem. So what can you do reduce your business’s solid waste footprint?

In this session, cannabis industry professionals will share their experience in helping cannabis businesses reduce their solid waste footprint.


Michael Markarian is the CEO of Contempo Specialty Packaging, a cannabis packaging company that creates beautiful child-resistant packaging for every cannabis category. Markarian is also host of The Cannabis Packaging Show on YouTube, which highlights trends in cannabis packaging with a specific focus on sustainable packaging.

Kevin Bernard is Founder of CannaWaste Recycling, a Maine-based company that provides waste management services to hemp farmers and cannabis growers.

Sam Milton from Climate Resources Group / Enlighten Your Grow will facilitate the conversation and share insights on how a meaningful solid waste strategy can improve for your company’s triple-bottom-line.

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