Cannabis Advisory Board Moves Closer to Cannabis Cafes in Massachusetts

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Cannabis cafes in Massachusetts may not be far off. Today, (Thursday, January 10, 2019) the public safety subcommittee of the state’s Cannabis Advisory Board voted in favor of a recommendation to rework existing law to allow the licensing of sites for the social consumption of cannabis. These establishments are referred to as ‘cafes’ throughout European countries like Amsterdam and ‘marijuana social lounges’ in parts of the United States like California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

Massachusetts voters decided to legalize cannabis for recreational use in 2016. As of 2019, there is still no legal place to consume it besides the privacy of your own home. Smoking inside and marijuana use are banned from many living accommodations. Today’s statement from the subcommittee pointed out that many people in the state have no legal place to smoke the newly legal substance. Panelist Andrea Cabral expands on this notion stating as part of the committee’s recommendation, “In light of the need for cannabis consumers who live in public housing to have a legal place to exercise their right to smoke cannabis, and in light of the historic racial disparity in cannabis law enforcement in Massachusetts, social use establishments should be permitted so that consumers have a legal place to consume cannabis outside of their own homes.”

Currently, it is illegal under Massachusetts state law to smoke a joint in a park, on a shared front stoop, or in any other public location – as it is to drink an open container of alcohol. However, consumers of alcohol  have legal opportunities to drink socially in bars, sporting events, and a plethora of other recreational functions that serve alcoholic beverages. It only makes logical sense that consumers of a far less harmful intoxicant should be afforded the same right. Limiting use of marijuana only to one’s home is unrealistic and promotes anti-social habits. Imagine if alcohol could only be consumed in one’s home – the term ‘social drinking’ would become extinct!

Of course, there will be kinks to work out as cannabis cafes in Massachusetts become normalized. The subcommittee addressed anticipated issues including potency, transportation, and enforcement. Limiting the amount of the active chemical in cannabis THC is one suggestion the subcommittee hopes will deter both accidental and intentional over-consumption. Much like a bar, a patron could be ‘shut off’ by their bud-tender if they appear to show signs of over-intoxication. Safe guards against drugged driving could include a campaign promoting rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. It is likely that events like music concerts will be the first to get permission to sell legal cannabis in Massachusetts. This process could look much like our existing procedure for temporary liquor licensing.

Are you the type of person who prefers to purchase and use your pot in private? Soon you may not have to leave your home at all to legally replenish your stash. Another potential win for Commonwealth cannabis consumers, resulting from today’s meeting, was the suggestion for legal marijuana delivery in  Massachusetts. Because dealers have been delivering long before legalization, this should be a no brainer for the Cannabis Control Commission, right? Policer Chief and panelist John Carmichael is not convinced. He asserts, “Delivery-only is a tragedy waiting to happen. People are going to get robbed.”

While you wait eagerly to enjoy a legal smoke of cannabis in a public setting or have your goods delivered discreetly, you can still get whole flower bud, concentrates, edibles, topicals, vape cartridges and more to enjoy in your home by visiting one of the state’s small but expanding number of retailers licensed for the recreational sale of cannabis like Verilife Wareham marijuana dispensary, Alternative Therapies Salem marijuana dispensary, and Cultivate Leicester marijuana dispensary. Check our homepage and blog regularly for more information about cannabis cafes in Massachusetts as it becomes available. Dispensary Genie is your magic guide – providing you with the whole story of behind cannabis dispensary businesses and breaking cannabis industry news.