Why Buy Weed from Dispensaries vs “Your Guy”

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Why Buy Weed from Dispensaries vs “Your Guy”

Even with marijuana dispensaries opening their doors legally to recreational customers, seasoned consumers are often wary to take ‘their guy’ out of their phone contacts and start picking up in a traditional retail location. Some are hesitant to be taxed or fear the potency of today’s ‘superweed’, while others simply put off changing any part of their routine in any aspect of their life. In this article, The Genie will outline what your missing by skipping the dispensary and the unintended consequences of buying weed on the black market.

Cannabis from the dispensary is almost always safe.

Like other legal commodities, store-bought marijuana is subjected to rigorous testing to certify its potency and freedom from contaminants. It is not uncommon to get weed from unauthorized sources that has mold, is improperly labeled, or even has pesticides and grow chemicals still present in it. When you shop at a dispensary, you’ll be served by a friendly bud-tender who can help you decide what potency, specific effects, and methods of consumption is right for you. When you smoke, eat, or vape something you bought off the street, you won’t be 100% what the effect will be until it kicks in – or doesn’t. Buying from a reputable source ensures that you are not surprised by the strength or weakness of your product.

Variety is one of the top reasons existing users of cannabis are trying out pot from the shop.

Today, (as of 2018) there are over 2.5 thousand strains of marijuana to choose from. While the traditional pot dealer would scoff at a request for a menu, dispensaries offer one – often updating the online version daily. Top strains like Purple Haze, Northern Lights, and Blue Dream that were once thought to be only legend are now legally available by the gram through authorized dispensaries.

In addition to whole bud or flowers, dispensaries offer a plethora of infused products and concentrates.

Many modern consumers have taken to vaporizing these for their health benefits in contrast to smoking. Cannabis retailers offer concentrates like ‘wax’ both in it’s pure form and in disposable vaporizer cartridges – taking the mess, prep work, and taboo methodology out of the pastime. Edibles are surging in popularity as well. Both consumers who wish to avoid smoke and those seeking a more intense experience are often exited to have access to these products that in days of prohibition would have to be prepped and cooked at home.

Even if you’ve been flying under the radar for years, getting marijuana from dispensaries is the legal way and it will keep you out of trouble with the law.

While nonsensical laws made enforcement nearly optional for years, legalization may signal an uptake of enforcement. Don’t be surprised when you start to hear about underage possession of pot, driving under the influence of marijuana, and even untaxed marijuana sale and purchase charges! When you get weed from your friend you only see when your stash runs out, you open yourself up to significant legal risk (think moonshine). Sure you’ll still get a buzz – but you end up in handcuffs.