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As the first dispensary to open in Bristol county, BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary has set the standard for other dispensaries in the region and throughout Massachusetts. The founders of the BASK brand bring their experience in cannabis cultivation and advocacy to deliver consumers a premium marijuana buying experience. Both connoisseurs and those new to marijuana on Massachusetts’ South Coast make regular visits to BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary for their top-shelf traditional flower and modern cannabis products. Qualified customers have access to whole bud flower strains, hash concentrations, edibles and specialty items that feature a full-range of cannabinoid ratios, terpene composition, potencies and flavor profiles. Even with this broad selection, you’ll be able to find a products you came for quickly and easily with the help of the approachable and knowledgeable staff at BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary.

Dry herb vaporizers and classic smokers can become entranced by the extensive stock of premium whole bud cannabis flower on the shelves of BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary. Friendly budtenders make themselves available to you to answer all questions and alleviate any concerns about your prospective purchase. For a preview of what it will taste like when you fire it up, you can even request to smell the product. Whether you gravitate toward CBD-heavy Indicas, high-THC Sativas, or designer hybrid blends – you’ll find them on display at BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary. You’ll see legendary strains like Gorilla Glue sit along-side today’s stars like Las Vegas Bubba Kush. Unlike some other Massachusetts dispensaries, BASK features different prices for different strains. If you like to purchase in bulk, you’ll find ounces ranging from $225-$325. Even if you just need a dime, some strains can be purchased by the gram for as little as $10.

Smoking, dabbing and vaporizing cannabis concentrates are becoming some of the most prominent methods of consumption for modern marijuana users. Modern hash formulations are created using different distillation techniques to produce particular burning characteristics, potencies and cannabinoid ratios. Each batch of live resin, shatter, rosin and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) will produce different effects. Let one of BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary’s experienced budtenders give you tour of their selection of concentrates for an understanding of how and why to use a particular product.

One-way BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary stands out from its competition is by offering unique and potent edible cannabis products to their qualified customers. Non-alcoholic Alta Mojito flavored cannabis infused canned beverages are great companions to cook-outs, beach days, hiking trips and any other activity that pairs nicely with an adult-beverage. If you need a pick me up, be sure to try one of BASK’s Alta Coffee Shot which features 10mgs of THC in a caffeinated expresso drink. Of course, you’ll also find your tried-and-true edible selections like fruit chews (gummies), mints and infused chocolate bars. Remember: these items can pack a punch! Be sure to educate yourself about what effects to expect from a particular product.

If you’re on the South Coast be sure to stop into BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary grade-A cannabis served by local staff who care. You can find out more about BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary location by visiting their official website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also browse their online menu.

Before You Go

Dispensary Genie strives to provide our readers with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please call ahead for daily product availability and customer eligibility before planning a trip.

You can reach the friendly staff at BASK’s Fairhaven dispensary by calling (774) 305-4749.

Bask’s Fairhaven dispensary is located in Bristol County and proudly serves the Massachusetts communities of Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Dartmouth, Acushnet, Rochester, Freetown and Westport.

Just a 17-minute ride-share or drive from the UMass Dartmouth campus.

BASK Fairhaven Dispensary

2 Pequod Rd, Fairhaven, MA 02719


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