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Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary is now serving adult-use (recreational) customers!

Curaleaf Oxford Dispensary brings ‘big cannabis’ to consumers in Worcester County and throughout Massachusetts. Those who have shopped one the national brands other 41 locations throughout the United States can expect similar premier cannabis buying experience – comprised of insightful customer service, modern amenities and top-shelf product. Curaleaf Oxford dispensary cultivates and produces their own cannabis and infused products.  As a consumer this allows you to purchase lab-fresh concentrates and flower straight from the curing room.

Many qualified customers follow their noses the ample selection of whole-bud cannabis flower at Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary. You’ll find classic Indica and Sativa varieties as well as a host of modern hybrids. Canna-tsu allows customers to hop on the high CBD bandwagon – with 11.2% by volume. If you’re looking for high-test THC packed botanicals, you’ll want to pick up at least a sample of Slazerbeam – which tops out at an impressive 26.8% THC. If your new to cannabis use or simply prefer to leave the prep work to the pros, you can purchase your flower from Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary in prerolled joints.

Today, concentrated cannabis products are quickly gaining on traditional flower as the most popular form of cannabis for consumers. At Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary keeps a comprehensive stock of modern hash concentrations like live crystals, live resin, shatter, wax, distillate oil and more. Because these products are derived from flash-frozen mature cannabis plants, they can be produced much quicker than traditional flower that requires additional curing time. As a consumer this mean high potency and low prices. If you love concentrates but hate the mess of dabbing, you may want to inquire about Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary’s selection of vaporizer pen cartridges that are prefilled with distillate oil. Vape carts make dosing cannabis mess-free and discreet. Because these devices are nearly identical to e-cigarettes, you can use them in a variety of situations in which smoking cannabis would turn heads. When your cartridge runs out you simply dispose of it and screw in a fresh one. (Note: All Vaporizer Products in Massachusetts are under a temporary ban.)

If you prefer to ingest your cannabinoids by eating them, rather than inhaling them, you’ll appreciate Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary’s ample inventory of infused edible products. THC and CBD tinctures and capsules, as well as syringes filled with full-spectrum Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) make precision oral dosing easy and consistent. If you like a ‘spoonful of sugar’ to help your cannabis go down, you’ll also be pleased to find an array of sweet treats on the shelves of Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary. You can enjoy classic magic chocolate bars from top brands like Sanctuary and Brother Jonathan. You can also try exotic flavors like caramels, ginger lozenges and watermelon fruit chews in a variety of potencies and THC to CBD ratios. No matter how you treat yourself with cannabis, your sure to find a treat a Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary.

For even more information about Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary check back here regularly. You can also visit their official website.

Before You Go

Dispensary Genie strives to provide our readers with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please call ahead for daily product availability and customer eligibility before planning a trip.

You can reach the friendly staff at Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary by calling (508) 731-0100.

Curaleaf’s Oxford dispensary is located in Worcester County and proudly serves the communities of Webster, Douglas, Uxbridge, Mendon, Charlton, Sturbridge, Southbridge, Northbridge, Upton, Grafton, Millville, Douglas, Sutton, Milbury, Blackstone, Hopedale and  Milford.

A short drive from Rhode Island communities of Burrillville, Nasonville, North Smithfield, Branch Village and Woonsocket.

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  1. Best Selection and Staff!

    Curaleaf’s staff is the friendliest around and they have some of the best selection around. Definitely check them out!

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