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"Cannabis With Care"

Cannabis consumers in Franklin County, across Massachusetts and throughout the region come to Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary for their expansive selection of cannabis products, helpful staff and fair prices. Customers already familiar with the brand’s Boston and Lowell locations will be pleased to find the same premier cannabis buying experience at the Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary. Feast your eyes on the displays of lab-quality hash concentrates or follow your nose to the pungent array of whole bud cannabis flower strains. You can also treat yourself to delicious and potent edibles. No matter how you choose to enjoy marijuana, you’ll be sure to find something to take home when your visit Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary.

If exotic and legendary strains are what brought you to Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find both classic strains like Swamp Thing and Star Cookie as well as exotic new ones like 3D, Golden Lemons and The Guice. Traditional smokers also have access to pure keif (marijuana crystals) to spice up their joints and bowls with extra potency. With grams going for $20, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better keif prices in Massachusetts. The genetics of today’s marijuana are bred to for specific applications like aiding sleep, boosting creativity and managing pain. A quick conversation with one of Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary’s budtenders will give you an idea of what you can expect.

Today, there are so many ways to use cannabis, a considerable amount of consumers never smoke or handle the raw product at all. Vaporizer pens and cartridges (vape carts) filled with cannabis oil are emerging as one of the most popular product lines offered by dispensaries in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary keeps these popular products well stocked in a variety of potencies, flavors and cannabinoid profiles.

Customers who want to avoid inhaling cannabis all-together often gravitate toward Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary’s extensive selection of delicious and powerful cannabis infused edibles. Tasty chocolate brownie bites, fruit flavored hard candies and dosed gummies are featured alongside low-profile tinctures or gummy drops. Because everyone has different tolerance levels to marijuana, it is best to consult the staff at Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary before ‘biting off more than you can chew’. We also recommend you keep your kitchen well-stocked with non-infused snacks to avoid overconsumption when the munchies kick in.

The selection of concentrates at Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary are limited to kief and shatter but available in a variety of strains. You can find most of the strains featured on their flower menu in keif and shatter. Pricing is quite reasonable – with full grams of shatter for $65 and 8th ounces of keif for just $60! Make sure you understand how to consume you concentrates before you take them home. You may want to browse the vaporizers and dab rigs also available at Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary.

For even more information about Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary visit their official website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also browse their online menu.

Before You Go

Dispensary Genie strives to provide our readers with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please call ahead for daily product availability and customer eligibility before planning a trip.

You can reach the friendly staff at Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary by calling (413) 203-6131.

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Patriot Care’s Greenfield dispensary is located in Massachusetts’ Franklin County and proudly serves the communities of Bernardston, Leyden, Deerfield, Montague, Sunderland, Ashfield, Shelburne, Shelburne Falls, Corain, Heath, Erving, Orange, Shutesbury, Pelham, Belchertown, Hadley, Northampton and Williamsburg.

Only a 15-minute drive from Vernon, Vermont and the communities of Guilford, Marlboro, West Brattleboro, Brattleboro and Halifax.

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 7 Legion Ave, Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301


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1 review

  1. the Leafly menu sucks

    Patriot Care Greenfield is ok if you get there on Thursday or early Friday.
    After that, good luck finding any decent flower.
    The Leafly menu sucks and does not come up so you will need
    to call them. Usually, I just go to NETA in Northhampton or
    Rise in Amherst. Their menus are always updated and accurate.
    Again, the Leafly menu sucks woodpecker eggs and I wish they would
    lose Leafly!

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