The Botanist Shrewsbury Marijuana Dispensary

“Step into a world where science, nature and health converge. The Botanist is more than just a dispensary. It’s a passionate place for all things cannabis.”

The Botanist’s Shrewsbury dispensary provides the premium cannabis buying experience that their customers have come to expect from frequenting their other two Massachusetts locations: Worcester and Leominster. Much like an Apple store of marijuana, boutique cannabis products can be browsed on modern table-style display cases – and then inquired about, with informative and approachable staff members on the sales floor. Customers can expect to find a full spectrum of whole flower bud, concentrates, edibles, and specialty cannabis products to choose from at an exceptional value. With the help of the Botanists’ ‘genius’ team members, customers of all experience levels can find a product to suit their needs.

The menu at The Botanist’s Shrewsbury marijuana dispensary features many of the same products as their Worcester location’s menu but with varying availability. Traditional pipe, bong, joint and blunt smokers, as well as users of dry herb vaporizers, have a plethora of expertly grown and cured whole bud flower strains to choose from. You’ll find a generous variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains that look like they’ve been plucked from the pages of a High Times magazine. Legendary varieties like Chemdawg #4 and Cornbread sit alongside upcoming favorites like Banana Cream and Plum Wine in The Botanist’s modern display cases. Choose from 1 gram, eighth ounce, and quarter ounce flower quantities – or leave the prep work to the professional and buy your cannabis in ready to light prerolled joints.

If you take the time to visit The Botanist’s Shrewsbury marijuana dispensary, you’ll discover why lovers of cannabis concentrates often won’t shop anywhere else. Potent live sugars, distillates, waxes and more can be found at some of the highest quality and lowest prices in the Commonwealth. Some varieties of shatter can be had for less than $40 per half gram. Increasingly popular cartridges for vaporizer pens (vape carts) are available in many of the strains listed on their menu of flower. They are sold in half-gram and 1-gram vape pen carts as well as PAX pods (for the PAX 3 vaporizer). The passionate staff at The Botanist’s Shrewsbury marijuana dispensary will walk you through any question you have about potency, flavor, price, or anything else!

Dispensaries often make a name for themselves with the quality of their edible cannabis products. The Botanist’s Shrewsbury marijuana dispensary offers tinctures and capsules with extraordinary value as well as traditional baked good like magic brownies and cannabis cookies.  You can even find specialty tinctures in like 1:1, 2:1, and even 20:1 CBD:THC ratio formulas.

If you find yourself in Worcester county, stop into The Botanist’s Shrewsbury dispensary to replenish your legal stash of familiar cannabis products and learn about beneficial new ones. You might even plan a road trip to this dispensary for their helpful staff, potent products, and ability to stretch your cannabis budget.

Before You Go

Dispensary Genie strives to provide our readers with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please call ahead for daily product availability and customer eligibility before planning a trip.

You can reach the friendly staff at The Botanist’s Shrewsbury marijuana dispensary by calling (508) 859-7710.

Proudly serving the Massachusetts communities of Westborough, Grafton, Millbury, Northborough, Worcester, Leicester, Spencer, Paxton, Holden, Rutland, Boylston, Berlin, Clinton, Upton, Hudson, Sutton, and Millbury.

Only 29 minuets by car from North Grosvenor Dale, Connecticut and the communities of Thompson, Woodstock, Putnam, Pomfret, Eastford, Union, Ashford, Brooklyn, Hampton, Chaplin, Scotland, Canturbury, Willington, Coventry, Tolland, and Stafford.

Just a 31-minute drive from Slatersville, Rhode Island and the communities of Woonsocket, Nasonville, North Smithfield, Burrillville, Smithfield, Glocester, Lincoln, North Providence, Providence, Cumberland, Central Falls, and Pawtucket.

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250 Albany Street, Springfield, MA 01105


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