The Genie’s Guide to Modern Cannabis Accessories

As cannabis legalization spreads from state to state and countries around the world, the way people use it continues to evolve. Consumers who were once stuck rolling their joints with bleached rolling papers and blunts with stale cigars from their local convenience stores are beginning to branch out with new devices and techniques. We’ve rounded up a few of today’s most popular, interesting and innovative takes on classic methods of enjoying cannabis in The Genie’s Guide to Modern Cannabis Accessories. Keep browsing to explore the various ways cannabis is prepared, rolled and smoked in this informative article.


Three Stage Grinder - Credit: Green Goddess
Three Stage Grinder – Credit: Green Goddess

Grinders have been used to shred plant material for hundreds of years. While these devices were primarily designed to crush herbs for kitchen applications – they were quickly adopted by the cannabis community in the 1960’s as an alternative to breaking up buds and leaves by hand or with scissors. During this time, the first grinders made specifically for cannabis started to pop-up in specialty shops. Original wood with metal peg designs can still be found, but leave much to be desired in functionality and aesthetics.

Today’s grinders boast space-age features like durable aluminum bodies, multiple levels or ‘stages’ divided by high micron screens to separate trichomes, kief scoopers and more. Unlike their 2 piece predecessors, modern grinders can double as a storage solution. The perfectly consistant cannabis grind afforded by sharp precisely machined teeth ensures even burning pipe bowls and rolled preparations.


Glass Pipes - Credit: Green Goddess
Glass Pipes – Credit: Green Goddess

Like grinders, pipes have been a part of cannabis culture as long as people have been smoking it. In days of stricter prohibition, consumers would gravitate toward wooden models designed for tobacco because of their availability and in an effort to remain discreet. Disposable lighters became popular in the mid 1970’s and the potency of cannabis continued to increase. These factors coupled with human innovation gave birth to specialty pipes designs with cannabis specific features. During this period, products we still use today like one-hitters, dugout systems and metal pipes with smaller bowls emerged on the scene.

Unlike previously mentioned pipes that are produced primarily for economy and stealth, glass smokeware of the 1990’s and today celebrates cannabis culture. Because of its high temperature resistance, glass is said to produce a cleaner flavor than wood or metal pipes. Glass pipes are often one-of-a-kind items with abstract coloring and shapes. Some feature details like animals, sports teams and fictional characters as well. Complex waterpipes with multiple points of percolation provide both spectacle and function.

Papers, Wraps and Roll Trays

Wood Roll Tray - Credit: Green Goddess
Wood Roll Tray – Credit: Green Goddess

The most iconic cannabis delivery system is most likely the joint. Grinded cannabis rolled in cigarette paper is easy to share and simple to smoke – requiring just one light from a lighter or match. Blunts are also party favorites. Originally rolled with an emptied-out machine cigar, these extra-large smokes burn slow and can make their way around a circle of friends multiple times.

While you can still find orange packs of rolling papers, individually wrapped cigars and vinyl records to roll on, modern smokers have many more choices at their disposal when they want to roll up. Some of the most popular rolling papers today are made with unbleached hemp and natural gum. These sturdy sheets burn evenly without any harsh chemical flavor. You can even skip the traditional rolling process by purchasing preformed cones and simply filling them with ground cannabis. Both hemp and tobacco-based wraps are also available in nearly every flavor imaginable – from apricot to Zinfandel grape. You can even find custom trays with slots with designated compartments for your cannabis, grinder, papers and other essentials.

Unless You’re Running on Empty, Skip the Gas Station

Large gas station chains are typically limited in the kind of products they carry that can be used with cannabis. Alternatively, small gas stations and convenience stores may offer more selection – but their inventory is often of low quality. Cheap glass breaking in your pocket, bootleg papers burning unevenly and grinders that flake metal into your herb are not worth the hassle.

If you want to try something new, your best bet is a dedicated head shop, smoke shop or dispensary. Here you can discuss products with an experienced staff member to make an informed decision. If you’d rather skip the trip altogether, we suggest shopping online. Cannabis accessory brands like Green Goddess Supply feature a full line of the above-mentioned products and more on their websites.