The Genie’s Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021

Cigarettes aren’t just for tobacco anymore. Since the recent relegalization of non-psychoactive hemp in most US states various CBD rich products have emerged on the market for adults – including CBD cigarettes. Now those who want to enjoy the benefits of smoking CBD rich hemp flower can do so without the mess and hassle of ‘rolling your own’ or using conspicuous pipes and bongs. Because these cigarettes appear nearly identical to their tobacco-filled predecessors, they shouldn’t raise any eyebrows outside of a bar, restaurant or any other place you choose to light up.

The Genie's List of CBD Cigarettes 2021
The Genie’s List of CBD Cigarettes 2021

We’ve compiled The Genie’s Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021 so you can find the best without trying the rest.

Virginia Heritage

Virginia Heritage's Steelbrook - Credit: Virginia Heritage
Virginia Heritage’s Steelbrook – Credit: Virginia Heritage

If you are looking for a nicotine-free smoke that is comparable to traditional cigarettes, you may want to consider Virginia Heritage’s Steelbrook brand CBD cigarettes. These pure hemp cigarettes contain 0% THC and feature familiar blends like Bold, Mellow and Menthol. Effective quality control ensures each cigarette is free from stems and seeds – which have been known to cause headaches and make an unsettling ‘pop’ noise when burnt.

Lowell Farms

Lowell Smokes - Credit BNB Tobacco
Lowell Smokes – Credit BNB Tobacco

Lowell Farms is one of the more popular cannabis companies in California and can be found on the shelves of over 50 dispensaries. While this brand produces intoxicating raw cannabis and infused products, they also make a high-quality THC-free CBD cigarette. Their Lowell Smokes CBD pre-rolls come in an attractive package containing everything you need to enjoy their product – 6 cigarettes and even matches to light them with. Just make sure you are puffing on the THC-free variety before you decide to operate heavy machinery or take on any other task that requires an unhindered state of mind.

Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves Logo - Credit: Redwood Reserves
Redwood Reserves Logo – Credit: Redwood Reserves

Maybe you’re not sure if CBD cigarettes are right for you. With Redwood Reserves, you can find out without investing in a bulk supply. In addition to selling packs of 20 and cartons of 10 packs, Redwood Reserves also produces singles or ‘loosies’. These individual smokes come packages in foil to keep them fresh and only cost a few dollars. When you smoke a Redwood Reserve, you can taste and feel the quality. They are produced in Oregon – a state known for their advanced hemp growing techniques.

Wild Hemp

Wild Hemp - Credit: Wild Hemp
Redwood Reserves Logo – Credit: Redwood Reserves

Hempettes by Wild Hemp look like what you might have imagined legal hemp cigarettes would long before legislation became reality. They come in standard looking packs of 20 that feature green hemp leaves prominently all over. The cigarettes themselves feature a gold band dividing the bleach white rolling paper and bright green filter. You can choose from natural smokes or try their flavored varieties like Pineapple, Menthol and Sweet.

Lucky Leaf

Lucky Leaf Carton - Credit: Lucky Leaf
Lucky Leaf Carton – Credit: Lucky Leaf

Lucky Leaf hemp cigarettes feature an impressive 6% of CBD. Unlike other some other brands, Lucky Leaf provides detailed lab analysis for their products on their website. This way you will know the exact composition of cannabinoids you are ingesting. Similar to European half-packs, these cigarettes come in packages of 10. If you decide the product is right for you, significant saving can be had by purchasing in bulk (cartons of 10 packs).