Cannabis Cafés in the USA

Lowell Farms West Hollywood cannabis café is the first of it’s kind: a fully regulated and locally approved venue to enjoy cannabis in a public space.

Until extremely recently, you had to leave the United States to purchase and consume marijuana in a public, social and sanctioned setting. Though still technically illegal, progressive European cities like Amsterdam have allowed adults to buy and consume cannabis in ‘coffeeshops’ or ‘cafés’ for nearly half a century. In the US, many states have decriminalized and legalized cannabis for medical and adult-use – but seem to have overlooked creating a legal public space for people to use it. This conundrum is rapidly changing with the rapid arrival of dispensary-connected and pop-up style ‘dab-lounges’ that are pushing the limits of cannabis law in states like Colorado and California by allowing consumers to toke up on premises. While these venues are a step in the right direction, they are often dingy, don’t serve food and are at constant risk of legal intervention. Finally, a cannabis cafe in the USA that exceeds the expectations of a modern speak-easy has reached the states.

Outdoor Seating at Lowell Farms West Hollywood Cannabis Cafe - Credit: Dispensary Genie
Outdoor Seating at Lowell Farms West Hollywood Cannabis Cafe – Credit: Dispensary Genie

The nationally renowned cannabis company Lowell Herb Co. plans to open the doors of Lowell Farms West Hollywood cannabis café open to the public in August of 2019. This will be the first legitimate cannabis cafe in the USA. This locally approved and thoroughly regulated cannabis restaurant plans to serve traditional flower and modern concentrates to smoke as well as infused beverages and artisan food. Patrons will be able to indulge in the company of friends, without having to hide in their apartment or risk fines and other legal consequences associated with public consumption, inside Lowell’s carefully designed interior dining area or on one of their jaw-dropping outdoor patios.

Many Californians and cannabis consumers are already familiar with the quality of flower that Lowell Herb Co. produces in the form of pre-rolled joints and packages of loose bud. These products can be found on dispensary shelves across the Golden State. Now, consumers can enjoy their famous strains with table service at Lowell Farms West Hollywood cannabis café!

Lowell Farms West Hollywood, the first cannabis café in the USA, must walk a thin legal line to keep their operation running smoothly. At first, handmade infused dishes will not be featured (due to testing and packaging restraints). Head chef Andrea Drummer told the Hollywood Reporter, “We’re trying to be conservative in our interpretation of the laws; we’re waiting for the state and county to update their laws and work out the nuances for licensing, before we infuse food live on premises.” Fortunately, Infused THC and CBD beverages will be available starting day one. The restaurant will also feature a state-of-the-art outdoor air filtration system, like those used in casinos, for to thwart the impact of secondhand smoke on the surrounding area. They also plan to operate a 24/7 hotline for community members to air concerns and have questions answered.

While Lowell Farms waits for legislation to catch up with public demand and operational logistics, non-infused entrees appetizers and other food will be served. These dishes are designed to appeal to the cannabis experience with vibrant colors and interesting textures as well as mouth watering flavors aromas and inventive flavor combinations.

Check out the Dispensary Genie’s full listing for Lowell Farms West Hollywood Cannabis Café for more photos and information. It the next best thing to visiting the restaurant at 1201 N. La Brea Ave. West Hollywood yourself.