New Trend: Cannabis Infused Restaurants in the United States

Cannabis cuisine is taking diners to new heights as infused restaurants open across the United States. The Mint Dispensary of Tempe and Lowell Farms West Hollywood Cannabis Cafe are some of the industry’s first to cook dosed dishes to order — but they certainty won’t be the last.

Not long-ago, infused cannabis dishes were a rare novelty. Sampling the occasional ‘magic’ brownie or toast topped with cannabis butter was often the extent of an an average user’s experience with edibles. Since the earliest days of state-by-state legalization, infused products like gummies, lozenges and lollipops have drastically increased in availability and popularity. Over the years, the edible segment of the cannabis market has continued to grow in volume and variety with items like infused maple syrup, sparkling beverages, potato chips and more.

The tradition of innovative cannabis cooking continues to this day with the wave of cannabis infused restaurants that are popping up across the country.  Here, cannasseures and foodies come together to experience meal-worthy entrees and sides as well as decadent deserts that are prepared and dosed to order.

Head Chef at The Mint Dispensary in Tempe - Credit: The Mint
Head Chef at The Mint Dispensary in Tempe – Credit: The Mint

One such establishment is The Mint Dispensary of Tempe in Arizona. In addition to operating as a full-service dispensary, they also feature an open kitchen where infused dishes like pepperoni pizza, tacos, chicken wings and french fries are made fresh each day. The Mint Café is especially popular during the NFL football season. What could be better for a tailgate or viewing party than infused pub-food?

Lowell Farms West Hollywood Cannabis Café in California is in the process of gaining approval to serve infused food and drink as well as allow cannabis smoking and vaporizing at their chic indoor-outdoor lounge. Unlike The Mint, Lowell Farms will allow customers to consume on their premises. While they work with town and state officials to infuse their dishes on premises, premade edibles and drinks are still available.

Due to the legal and logistical complexities that restaurateuring imposes, many cannabis chefs are committing their talents to private events. Under this business model, they are booked to cook and serve infused dishes for corporate functions, dinner parties and more. As the legality of serving cannabis to the public continues to progress, we expect more cannabis infused restaurants to open and thrive throughout the country.

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