ACK Natural’s Nantucket Dispensary

"Never Let Go of That Nantucket Vibe"

21+ locals, seasonal residents and day-trippers now have a choice in where they choose to purchase cannabis on Nantucket. With the opening of ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary, the Island now boasts two adult-use (recreational) retailors. Close proximity to their competitor, Green Lady, allows customers to conveniently comparison shop.

ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary occupies a large building at 19 Spearhead Rd. They have a Cape Cod style wood store front for the portion of space dedicated to retail complete with a gable-style roof, green windows, green doors and matching trim. Cultivation, processing and other operations occupy the rest of their expansive commercial space. This collocated design provides consumers with exceptionally fresh and potent product.

Upon entering ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary, you are greeted by a friendly staff member at their check-in window. While you wait for your turn to browse and shop the sales floor, you can pass the time by taking advantage of free Wi-Fi access they offer patrons and relax in their reception area.

The main highlight of a trip to ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary is their sales floor. Comfortable seats suspended from the ceiling with chains, natural wood floors with green Islamic carpets and blown-up images on the wall of plants in full bloom create a stress-free atmosphere to explore their inventory at your own pace. Products are showcased on central tables as well as behind the glass of their built-in counter displays.

Flower Power

All of the cannabis products sold at ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary are cultivated and produced in-house. Their impressive selection of hydroponically grown cannabis often includes classics like Strawberry Sour Diesel as well as up-and-coming favorites like Holy Grail OG Kush. You can purchase flower by weight (up to a full ounce for recreational customers) or in ready to smoke pre-rolled joints. If you want a souvenir, consider their 5-packs of Whale Watcher joints. Once you are done with the product inside, the bright and artistic packaging can serve as a nice memento from your trip.

Centrally Located Cannabis

The central positioning of ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary make it a convenient place to restock your stash no matter what part of the Island you are located. The NRTA Wave’s Sconset Via Old South Road Bus stops well within walking distance. Proximity to the Nantucket Memorial Airport allow you to secure provisions to enjoy your stay right when you land. Access to major roads like Milestone Road as well as their ample parking lot are ideal for those traveling by car, motorized scooter or bicycle.

For more information about ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary check back here regularly. You can also visit their website.

Before You Go                                                 

Dispensary Genie strives to provide our readers with the most up to date cannabis dispensary information. Because all dispensaries operate differently, we urge you to please contact the dispensary directly by calling or emailing them if you have any questions.

You can reach the friendly staff at ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary by calling (508) 901-5225.

ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary is located in Nantucket County and proudly serves the communities of Wauwinet, Polpis, Sconset Beach, Madequecham Beach, Jetties Beach, Dionis Beach, 40th Pole Beach, Cisco Beach and more.

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Visit ACK Natural’s Nantucket dispensary

19 Spearhead Dr, Nantucket, MA 02554


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