Union Twist Framingham Dispensary

"Adult-Use (Recreational) Cannabis Dispensary in Framingham"

Coming Soon! Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary is currently working with City and State officials to prepare for their opening.


Marijuana consumers in Middlesex county will soon have the legal access to cannabis that they voted for several years ago. Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary has gained approval by Framingham’s Marijuana Advisory Team to begin working out the details of their host agreement with the city. This agreement will include specific parameters for tax contributions, staffing policies, parking, security, traffic and more. By completing this crucial step, Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary positions itself to be one of the first dispensaries in Metro-West and Middlesex County to serve cannabis to adult-use (recreational) customers.

Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary is set to be one of three locations for the ambitious cannabis brand. Like other Massachusetts dispensaries with multiple locations, Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary will be able to offer consumers a larger and more diverse inventory than single-store operations. When you get a chance to visit Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary, you can expect to find an impressive variety of top-shelf whole-bud cannabis flower, concentrates, infused edibles and specialty products.

Locals and Framingham city officials are excited to begin receiving tax revenue from the newly legal cash-crop. All cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts are required to pay 3% of their total gross back to their community. Jim Haddain of the Metro West Daily News reports that Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary estimates they will generate enough sales to contribute $1.2 million to the city in just their first year of operation. It is likely that that Framingham will impose an additional 3% impact fee on Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary if they are the first marijuana business to open in the city – doubling the previously mentioned figure to $2.4 million. This subsidy is hoped to make the addition of this cannabis venture to the local business landscape more palatable for Framingham residents who generally oppose marijuana use.

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Because Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary has yet to open, there is no direct way for the public to contact them at this time.

While you wait for Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary to open, you can visit a host of Massachusetts dispensaries that already serve adult-use (recreational) customers. You can make a short trip north to Alternative Therapies in Salem,  head south to Verilife in Wareham or Northeast Alternatives in Fall River, or travel west to INSA in Easthampton, NETA in Northampton, Temescal Wellness in Pittsfield, Theory Wellness in Great Barrington or Cultivate in Leicester.

Union Twist’s Framingham dispensary is located in Middlesex County and proudly serves the Massachusetts communities of Framingham, Marlborough, Hudson, Ashland, Wellesley, Newton, Westwood, Norwood, Norfolk, Wrentham, Franklin, Concord, Newton, Waltham and Acton.

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